Crack Width Instrument

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CK10 series of quantitative detection of crack width gauge can be widely used in bridges, tunnels, buildings, concrete pavement, metal surface crack width. Equipment mainly consists of a handheld color LCD screen host, color microscopic amplification probe (with 1.5 m connection cable) constitutes a measurement program automatically scans the capture cracks and crack width values in real-time display on the screen, can also be the need to crack take pictures (cracks in the photo while preserving fracture images, the width of the data, scales, to enlarge the image information) of the factor and the crack number, crack photo as a standard BMP format and stored directly to any U disk to facilitate further image analysis of the user or print archive

CK10 series of crack width gauge

First, The features
1. An automatic interpretation of the crack width, directly to the crack width values are displayed on the screen;
2. Automatic shooting crack photos, real-time image display;
3. Stored photos, data can be playback viewing;
4. The option of using a variety of magnification probe test range can reach 0-8mm;
5. probe (camera) comes with lighting fixtures, work around the clock, from the light changes;
6.Handheld host of engineering plastic, lightweight and beautiful, strong and durable;
7.Simple alignment of cracks can be automatically reading, without any set up, fool operation;
8.Crack photo as a standard BMP format, direct shoot storage to any U disk / SD card;
9.The only in the cracks in the photo while preserving fracture images, the width of the data, scales, zoom factor and the crack number (see below);
10 .host and the probe share a lithium battery-powered.
11 .provides three kinds of different features and models are available, and scalable to meet the needs of different users;
12. reference specification: GJG125-99 "dangerous building appraisal standards".