Water level Meter SGS Series

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The SGS Water Level Meter is very sturdy and gives consistently accurate water level measurements in wells and boreholes.

Water level Meter SGS Series

The tape is permanently marked each 1/100 ft, in lengths up to 6,000 ft (1,800 m). The tape has stranded stainless steel conductors for long life and easy repair.

A dog-bone tape design reduces adherence to wet casing. Probes have recessed sensors to minimize false signals.

The well balanced reel has a carrying handle, an easy-access battery drawer, and an excellent brake. A 9V battery powers the buzzer and light, which activate when static water is reached



· 20m (Cod.sgs 20)

· 30m (Cod.sgs 30)

· 50m (Cod.sgs 50)

· 60m (Cod.sgs 60)

· 70m (Cod.sgs 70)

· 80m (Cod.sgs 80)

· 90m (Cod.sgs 90)

· 100m (Cod.sgs 100)

· 120m (Cod.sgs 120)

  • 150m (Cod.sgs 150)
  • 200m (Cod.sgs 150)
  • 250m (Cod.sgs 250)
  • 300m (Cod sgs 300)
  • 400m (Cod sgs 400)
  • 500m (Cod sgs 500)