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The new Laser GEO instrument offers STORING and PROCESSING capacity, distance measuring.

The Laser Geo instrument - high capacity laser sensor with compass and GPS. The new Laser GEO instrument offers STORING and PROCESSING capacity, distance measuring - from a FEW CENTIMETERS up to 700 METERS and longer, HIGH PRECISION results, reinforced and VERY RUGGED housing, improved and extended KEYPAD for convenient use and the possibility to order CUSTOM SETTINGS of your instrument depending on your preferred work area

All you need in a Rangefinder-Hypsometer!

  Laser Geo

Foresters, surveyors, engineers, landscape architects, constructors.. We present new instrument models with extreme functionality - programmable and including GPS and compass. Measure, map, process, store with the Vertex Laser Geo/ Rangefinder/Hypsometer/ Bluetooth/Compass/GPS/Usb 2.0/SSD disk!



  • Features long range measurement with high precision laser and integrated tilt- and compass sensors for accurate 3D measurements. Results are presented in an integrated heads-up display and external, graphic display.
  • Built in GPS-receiver and a 5-position numeric ID-attribute allow you to tag important data with coordinates with a simple key press. Your data is stored on a built in SSD drive and immediately available for further processing when connecting a standard USB 2.0 interface to any PC or Apple computer. No installation routines, converting software or special drivers are needed. Your field data can be opened straight in your favorite GIS- or spreadsheet application. Complex operations such as area measurement, 3D mapping of targets and Trail mapping have integrated functions that also are available to you without any external tools. The 3D Vector function allows you to measure horizontal targets such as canopy width.
  • Incorporated ultrasound technology in the Vertex Laser Geo instrument model - great if your work mainly takes place in the forest. Ultrasound is superior compared to alternative methods, as it can be used in dense forests and where underbrush is thick. The Vertex Laser system works with an ultrasonic transponder. Use in circular sample plots to quickly and accurately determine if a tree is in or out!
  • 3-point, 2-point or 1-point or direct height measuring - choose preferred method to work with in the easy-to-follow menu system. A non-magnification dot sight helps you to identify individual targets such as tree tops and power lines.
  • New functions can be implemented and alternative firmware’s for user specified utilization standard applications can be offered to you. Contact us for details and offer!
  • Built-in Bluetooth V4 Low Energy transceiver enables long range wireless data transfer to your favorite handheld device. The instruments have built-in, long-lasting Li-Ion battery and charging is made with mini USB interface.


Size: 93x63x72mm/3.7x2.5x2.8".
Weight: 243 g/8.6oz.
Battery and consumption: Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.7V, built-in, approx. 2000 measurements. Charging time max 3.5h. USB mini B interface wall charger 110/220AC/5VDC; car charger adapter 12VDC. Cable Usb mini B Male/Usb Type A Male, 0.5m. Consumption max 0.9W.
Communication: IR, Bluetooth® class 2, Spp (serial profile), pin-code 1234, USB 2.0/SSD Disk.
Temperature: -20° to +45° C/ -4°F-113°F.
Height: 0-999 m/ft. Resolution height: 0.1 m/ft.
Angle: -90° - 90°. Unit: Degrees 360⁰, Grads 400⁰ and %. Resolution: 0.1⁰. Accuracy: 0.1⁰ typical.
LASER: Distance: 46cm/1.5ft - 700m/2000ft depending on target. Accuracy: 4cm/0.1ft typical. Resolution: 0.1m/ft (0.01m/0.1ft in DME-mode).
Areal 0<area<5000m2 or 0.5ha<area<10000ha

0<area<20000f2 or 0.5acre<area<10000acre

GPS 33-channel high sensitivity receiver. Supports GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS. Built-in real tme correction w SBAS (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, GAGAN) Accuracy down to 2.5m/8.19ft in open terrain. Satellite position prediction for up to 3 days. Host Based multi-global navigation satellite system GPS(USA)/GLONASS(Russia)/Galileo(EU)/QZSS(JAPAN) SBAS Satellite-based augmentation systems: WAAS(US) EGNOS(EU) GAGAN (India) MSAS(Japan). Built-in self-generated orbit prediction (Faster TTFF up to 3 days), built-in jamming removing. Accuracy: Automatic position 2.5m CEP (circular error probable) (50% 24 hr static, -130dBm. Speed 0.1m/s (50%@30m/s.
Compass Azimuth compass 0-360˚, resolution 0,1˚, accuracy <1.5 RSME˚.
Classification: MIL-STD-810E. Housing frame material glass filled poly carbonate, IP67, NEMA6, Laser class 1, 7mm (FDA, CFR21) Class 1m (IEC 60825-1:2001).
Sight: Red dot aim 1 x magnification.
Display: External Graphic LCD 100x60pixles. Internal Heads-up display.
Dataformat: Nmea or Ascii. IR, Bluetooth.
File Format: CSV and KML Google Earth.
Memory: 2000 datasets, non-volatile.
Other information, accessories etc. Monopod staff with foot bracket for steady aim.

Aluminum transport/storing case. See user manual for more details.