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Trimble BD990 mainboard, 72 channels, GPS + Glonass+ Beidou+ Galileo, Linux system, 8GB SSD, Web UI, Wifi, "SuperRTK" Technology, SDL400 1/2/3W radio, 4G network module

 Kolida K86+ (version 2018) RTK measurement system adhering to the excellent quality, create high-end brands. Forleda K86 + (2018 Edition) RTK multi-constellation, multi-band receiver technology to lead the RTK new measurement standards, integration of high-precision super-practical integration provides users with unparalleled efficiency measurement experience.

Kolida K86+ New Product

Equipped with BD990 board

Upgrade to more fast and compatible 4G module

Battery pole supports to work for a whole day

OLED screen can read in strong sunlight

Star chain: with stars fixed
Open "Starlink" service, originated from satellite-based PPP (Precision Point Positioning) technology, real-time accuracy can be less than 4cm, convergence time is less than 30 minutes, and dynamic operations are more freedom. 
All-terrain unbounded measurement
Satellites broadcast precise orbit and clock data. Positioning is no longer limited by terrain and distance. Mountains, wastelands, deserts, and islands can acquire known points with stars, and stars can be fixed.
Fully open coordinate system
The satellite-based independent coordinate system can be operated without any known points or parameter conversion during terrain surveying and other mapping operations, and provides a coordinate framework system that can be freely converted or accessed for regional operations.
Smart "star base station"
Broadcast "Starlink" data to simplify setup operations, provide regional operations services, and operate more efficiently and intelligently.
Intelligent platform
Embedded Linux operating system + South smart cloud, the receiver will no longer be an independent hardware device, but a complete intelligent system, combined with the web version of the data cloud service platform, to achieve online registration and other remote management, data interaction services.
Electronic bubble
When checking whether the alignment rod is horizontal, the user does not need to pay attention to the physical bubble of the alignment rod, and the electronic bubble on the manual measurement software accurately displays the leveling state of the alignment rod in real time.
Full-featured internal radio
Send and receive integrated integrated radio stations, fully support mainstream radio communication protocols, realize interconnection with imported products, and switch network relay and radio relay modes.
Network relay mode
The mobile station broadcasts the received network differential signal again through the built-in station and forwards it to other mobile stations for use.
Radio relay mode
The mobile station forwards the received differential radio signal to other mobile stations via the internal radio, greatly extending the radio range.
mobile network
4G full Netcom module, backward compatible, applicable for various signal areas. The new network architecture supports the current mainstream CORS system.
Smart storage
 ● Built-in 8G solid-state storage, and supports external U disk storage
 ● STH, Rinex support multiple formats, sampling frequency up to 50Hz
 ● Support automatic cycle storage, disk full automatic deletion.
 ● Supports one-key smart copy, external U disk directly to copy data directly.
Dual Mode Bluetooth
Equipped with 4.0 standard dual-mode long-distance Bluetooth, compatible with the 2.1 standard at the same time, it can connect handbooks, mobile phones, tablet and other digital products, and the communication distance is farther, giving the user more comfortable homework mode.
WI-FI data link
The first use of WI-FI as a data link, significantly improve the actual measurement results; at the same time with AP hotspot function, any smart terminal can access the receiver to control it.
WebUI management background
Built-in WebUI network user management background, support WI-FI and USB mode access receiver built-in Web management page, real-time monitoring of the host status, free configuration of the host, you can freely configure the host without going around.
High-definition LCD
High-definition 1.54-inch OLED color LCD display, high brightness, low power consumption, more suitable for field work.




Detailed indicators

Measurement performance

Signal tracking

336 channel 
 : B1 , B2 , B3 
 : L1C/A , L1C , L2C , L2E , L5 
 : L1C/A , L1P , L2C/A , L2P , L3 
 : GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B , E1 , E5A , E5B

SBAS : the L1C / A , L5 (support for L5 of the SBAS satellites) 
 , the WAAS , the MSAS , EGNOS , GAGAN (differential satellite station) the MSS L-Band 

GNSS characteristics

Positioning output frequency 1Hz ~ 50Hz
Initialization time is less than 10 seconds 
Initialization reliability > 99.99%
Full constellation receiving technology, can support highly reliable carrier tracking technology from all current and planned GNSS constellation signals 
, greatly improving carrier accuracy, for users Providing high-quality original observation data, 
intelligent dynamic sensitivity positioning technology, adapting to various environmental transformations, and adapting to more harsh and long-distance positioning environment 
high-precision positioning processing engines

positioning accuracy

Star chain

Plane: 4-10cm ( 5-30min ; MSS L-Band ) Height: 8-20cm ( 5-30min ; MSS L-Band ) 

Code difference GNSSpositioning

Level: 0.25 m + 1 ppm RMS
Vertical: 0.50 m + 1 ppm RMS 
 Differential Positioning Accuracy: Typical <5m 3DRMS

Static GNSSmeasurement

±( 2.5 mm + 1 mm/km × d ) 
( d is the distance between measured points, km )

Real-time dynamic measurement

±( 8 mm + 1mm/km × d ) 
( d is the distance between measured points, km )

Operating system /
user interaction

operating system



Four-button visual operation

LCD screen

HD 1.54 inch OLED screen


Four indicator lights

Web interaction

Support WI-FI and USB mode access receiver built-in Web management page, monitor host status, freely configure host, etc.



Secondary development

Provide secondary development package, open OpenSIC observation data format and interactive interface definition for secondary development

Data Cloud Service

A powerful cloud service management platform that can remotely manage and configure devices, view progress, manage operations, and more. South server or self-built server can be used.



165 × 168 × 122


1.85kg ( with battery )


Industrial grade + environmental protection rubber ring


Operating temperature: – 45 ° C to +60 ° C
Storage temperature: – 55 ° C to +85 ° C


Anti- 100% condensation

Protection level

Waterproof: 2M immersion, IP67 level 
dust: completely prevent dust entering, IP67 grade


Anti- drop 3 meters free



Built-in dual battery pack 
voltage: 7.4V , 8800mAh/ block

Power Solution

Static mode standard continuous working time greater than 30 hours 
Dynamic mode standard continuous working time greater than 15 hours 
(provides 7 × 24h continuous working power solution)


I/O port

5PIN LEMO external power connector +RS232 
 external USB ( OTG ) 
 network data link antenna interface 
 radio data link antenna interface 
 card slot



Radio modem

Built-in high-power transceiver, typical operating distance 8km
switchable network relay, radio repeater 
operating frequency 410-470MHz
communication protocol: TrimTalk450S, TrimMark3, PCC EOT, SOUTH

Cellular mobile

Intelligent PPP dialing technology based on Linux platform , automatic real-time dialing, continuous online during work, equipped with 4G Netcom high-speed network communication module, compatible with various CORS system access


BLE Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth standard, support Android , iOS system mobile phone connection 
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

External communications

Optional external GPRS/CDMA dual-mode communication module, free switch, adapt to various working environments; 
support external wireless network card

WiFi hotspot

With WiFi hotspot function, any intelligent terminal can access the receiver, rich customization of the receiver function; 
data collectors such as industrial handbooks, smart terminals and receivers can transmit data via WiFi .

Data storage /transmission

WiFi data link

Receiver can access WiFi , differential data distribution or reception via WiFi

data storage

8G built-in solid-state memory 
automatic cycle storage ( automatically deletes the oldest data when the storage space is not enough )
supports external USB memory for data storage 
rich sampling interval, up to 50Hz original observation data acquisition

data transmission

One-click smart copy, plug-and-play USB transfer data, directly export host static data via external USB memory , 
 download, HTTP download

Data storage /transmission

Inertial navigation system / sensor

Data Format

Static Data Format: Forleda STH , Rinex2.01 and Rinex3.02 other formats 
difference data format: the CMR , the CMR + , sCMRx , the RTCM 2.1 , the RTCM 2.3 , the RTCM 3.0 , the RTCM 3.1 , the RTCM 3.2 Input and Output 
 output data Format: NMEA 0183 , PJK plane coordinates, binary code, Trimble GSOF
network mode support: VRS , FKP , MAC , NTRIP protocol support

Inertial navigation system / sensor

Electronic bubble

Built-in sensor, hand book software can display electronic bubbles, real-time check the leveling of the rod

Inertial navigation system / sensor

Temperature Sensor

Built-in multiple temperature sensors, intelligent frequency conversion temperature control technology, real-time monitoring and adjusting the host tempe