SkyWalker X41

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SkyWalker X41, modelo: X41 / X41 Plus, es un quadcopter, que es fabricado por Kolida basado en investigación y desarrollo independientes. SkyWalker X41 está diseñado para minimizar drásticamente el tiempo y los costos de recopilación de datos de imágenes enormes y garantizar la confiabilidad deseada mediante el uso de modelado virtual en 3D a partir de fotogrametría aérea

SkyWalker X41

MODEL:X41/X41 Plus

● Compact and light, free from UAV weight 

   limitations in most markets

● Extremely durable fiberglass upper cover 

   and carbon fiber airframe

● Modular structure, easy to assemble and 


● Ideal for flight missions targeted at relatively 

   short duration and small area

● Classic combinations customized to 

● An economical solution designed for budget 

   projects and fresh beginners

● X41 Plus enjoys higher performance than 

  X41 in propulsion system,battery and came

SkyWalker X41


Power Line Inspection

Immediate Analysis & Response

- Traffic Control & Management

Resources Investigation & Documentation

Urban Planning & Management

- City Component Updates

Environmental Protection & Monitoring

- Topographic Survey

- Heavy Earthworks Construction

- …






Aircraft Type

Quadcopter, 4 rotary wings

Dimensions (L x W x H)

105 x 105 x 45 cm


Carbon fiber and fiberglass

Propulsion System

Electric pusher propeller, 4 brushless   motors

Maximum Take-off Weight

2.5 kg

Power Supply 

Lithium polymer battery, 6S, 5000mAh,   22.2V

(8000mAh for X41 Plus)

Imaging Sensor

Kodak M200/Samsung ST30, 10 MP, 28 mm

(Sony QX1 for X41 Plus, 20 MP, 20 mm)

Other Onboard Sensors

GPS receiver, accelerometer, barometer,   magnetometer, gyroscope

Acquisition Performance

Single-point Positioning

±10 m

Absolute Accuracy

Down to 2/3 cm (with GCPs)



30 minutes (empty payload);

25 minutes (full payload)

Cruising Speed

5-11 m/s

Climbing Speed

4 m/s

Flight Height

Normal operation: 100-300 m;

Max. ceiling: 3500 m above ground level

Radio Link Control Range

1 km

Communication Frequency


Launch & Recovery System

Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL)

Weather Limit

Stable in winds up to 10 m/s (36 km/h),   Beaufort scale 5

Operating Temperature

-5 to 50

Environmental Humidity