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The Walktax is a classic instrument for exact distance measuring work. With a simple and smart construction the Walktax measurer continues to be an irreplaceable instrument for landscape controls, road construction and cruising

Walktax Thread Distance Measurer has a high quality counter that ensures accurate distance reading for many seasons. Every detail in the Walktax is quality proven, functional and rugged. 100 % cotton thread biodegradable will not cause damage to wildlife, yet be strong enough to withstand a normal measuring operation.

The Walktax Distance Measurer Features these Advantages:

  • Belt clip for easy carrying
  • External counter reset
  • Construction that allows you to change thread reel in a few seconds, even with gloves on!
  • Strong Polycarbonate-plastic moulded housing
  • External thread cutting edge
  • Thread Spool capacity app. 2300 m/yds
  • Thread guide is made from a tough composite plastic to eliminate thread wear


Walktax Thread Distance Measurer