Drone Walkera QR X900

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Drone Walkera QR X900+Cámara Full HD+Paracaídas

Drone Walkera QR X900+Cámara Full HD+Paracaídas



Professional aerial aircraft,precise control,high stability

The first protection Intlligent security protection system if one of the six axis damaged,the flight still can keep flying and land safely
During the flight, if accident happened that one of the motor stop work or damaged by external forces, result to dynamical unbalance,the aircraft can automatically modified under GPS mode,Keep the flying attiude and load down through radio throttle control,then land safely.In this case the aircraft is still controllable which greatly reduce the risk of crash.

The second protection Parachute safety protection device

When the aircraft get out of control and inclination reach 80 degree,the protection system will open the parachute automatically.If other urgent issue happens, you can open the parachute by manual,to land the aircraft slowly,protect the safety of photographic equipment.

Change 6-axis to 4-axis,4-axis to 6axis freely.
User can choose 4-axis or 6-axis according to different needs.With 4-axis,flight time is longer,up to 25 minues.With 6-axis,load capacity increased,maximum is 10kg.Increase the aircraft working hours and more choice for the diversification of load capacity.

Reliable modular circuit design simple Maintenance,system stability

Full intelligent inspection system

Foldable and portable design easy to operate and carry

Retractable landing gear


•1 * Walkera QR X900 Quadcopter
•1 * DEVO F12E Transmitter
•1 * G-3S gimbal
•1 * Dropsafer 
•1 * Battery 
•1 * Charger
•1 * Manual

Aircraft specifications
Main Rotor Dia 17x5.5inch
Symmetric motor wheel base 900mm
Overall (L x W x H) 983x853x687mm
Weight 6.95kg(Battery included)
Takeoff Weight <10kg
Transmitter DEVO-F12E(black version)
Main Controller FCS-RX705
Brushless Motor WK-WS-60-001(KV350)
Brushless ESC QR 900(R/B)
Battery 22.2V 16000mAh 15C(6S) Li-Po
Flight Time 12~14minutes(load 3kg)
Working environment -10℃ ~ +40℃