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Droni, Uav Solution, Lidar

Droni, Uav Solution, Lidar
SkyCruiser AS1200,We proudly present the fixed-wing drone. SkyCruiser AS1200. It is built for aerial mapping and terrain modeling larger areas including mine sites and stockpiles, and undertaking topographic survey.
SkyWalker X61,X61 is a hexacopter, which is manufactured by SOUTH based on independent research and development. SkyWalker X61 is designed to drastically minimize the time and costs for collecting huge image data and guarantee the desired reliability by utilizing virtual 3D modeling from aerial photogrammetry.
SkyWalker X62,SkyWalker X62 can load various payloads: DSLR camera, airborne RTK/PPK Receiver, 2-Lens camera, Integrated 5-lens camera system, 3D Laser Scanner, Digital wireless video transmitter, Hyperspectral Imager, Infrared Thermal Imager, etc. We are dedicated to provide various products (Orthomosaic, DOM, DSM, DEM, TDOM, DLG, contour lines 3D model, etc.) for users.