Optical Collimator SGS F420 3T

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Optical Collimator SGS 420 3T, 3 tube collimator
The collimator is specifically used for adjustment or inspeciton of total station,theodolite level

SOUTHGEOSYSTEMS F420 3T Optical Collimator, Indispensable tool for calibrating theodolites, total stations, optical and digital levels

Product information

1.1This model of equipment adopts totally 3 collimator tubes which have the focus of 550 and been designed with plunge angle and collimation horizontal angle.

1.2The collimator tube is equipped with a reticle with the precision 30", which can significantly improve the inspection precision.

1.3The collimator tube is equipped with up/down and right/left tuning device, therefore easy for

customers’ usage, installation, commissioning and inspection.

1.4The collimator tube adopts the latest long-life “cold” light source, which intensity may be

tuned according to customers’ requirements and indoor luminance. The source produces viridescent lights, which are comfortable for seeing.

1.5On the lifting platform, the threaded rod allowing 26cm lifting range runs smoothly and

stably, and with different configuration, enables customers to operate readily and easily.

1.6The foundation is designed and installed with 4 leveling wheel, and at the bottom, 4 round pads can increase the ground force-carrying surface and the stability. The whole platform is available for leveling and moving.

1.7The fixed, integrated instrument center screws on the lifting platform are common in both metric and British systems (two-in-one), and can be combined for checking different foreign

and domestic measuring instruments.

1.8The equipment is designed with small form factor and looks decent and charming. The total weight is 100kg and the equipment stands very firmly

420-3T Optical Collimator SGS 420-3T 

Collimator Specifications


Focal Length


Field of View




Shortest Stadia


Angle between two Tubes


Sensitivity of Plate Bubble


Graduation Range

HZ: ±30'    V: ±30' 

Operating Height