Hammer Test HT 225

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SOUTHGEOSYSTEMS HT225 mechanical rebound hammer is the product of direct experimentation on different types of concrete.

Hammer Test HT 225, Hammer Test,The SOUTHGEOSYSTEMS HT 225 mechanical rebound hammer is the product of direct experimentation on different types of concrete. Used appropriately and following the correct procedures, this is a valuable instrument for testing and evaluating the quality of concrete, ensuring totally reliable results.

The SGS HT225 mechanical sclerometer, easy to use, is used primarily in the construction sector, in addition to other industrial sectors. This hammer-shaped sclerometer for testing concrete is based on the Schmidt measurement principle. The check is always carried out under the same test energy of 2207 J. The initial rebound kinetic energy is given in the sclerometer as a measure of the hardness of the concrete, the pressure on the surface or the resistance to pressure (kg / cm² or its conversion to N / mm²). The quality of concrete is mainly valued for its resistance to pressure, as it is a guideline value to check the load capacity and durability of concrete constructions. Pressure resistance is represented by a series of numbers and letters. For example: B 25 means that it is normal concrete with a pressure resistance of 25 N / mm². There are different values ​​up to the highest resistance class B 55. With our sclerometer you can classify concrete simply, quickly and accurately.

1)Center rod is made from imported material, high accuracy and durable resistance. 
2)The shell is made form high Aluminum or high polymer material in order to perfect protect instrument from damage and extend use life.

3)Pointer slider is outside structure, its friction can be balance well and easy to be adjusted so that we can make sure that the instrument is accurate. Compared with other suppliers in the line of business, the product is more accuracy, good quality, and best price and longer use life.


Test range: 10~60Mpa

Standard impact energy: 2.207J(0.225Kgf.m)

Stroke of rebound hammer: 75mm

Friction of pointer slider: 0.5N~0.8N

Sphere radius of rebound pole SR: 25mm±1mm

Average rebound value on steel anvil Rm: 80±2

Size: Φ54*278mm

Weight: ≈1KG