RadioHX-U202 For Kolida
RadioHX-U202 For Kolida

External Radio HX-U202

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External Radio for Gnss KOLIDA/SOUTH, 35W. Wireless remote solution Heavy-duty tool for outdoor use Dependable data transfer

External radio 5/35W, 410-470 MHz, protocol SOUTH, Trimtalk

HX-U202 is an IP67 (NEMA6) classified UHF radio modem with a high power(35W) transmitter and wide tuning range.It was designed for easy mobile use in demanding field conditions.According to the IP67 standard,the casing and connectors of the U202 are waterproof secured against dust.
In addition to the high output power and wide tuning range,the channel spacing is also selectable to be 12.5 or 25 kHz. U202 is equipped with a digital tube,four LED and three keystrokes,used to indicate the current operating status,as well as for changing the operating channel and power level of the radio modem.
With our radio modems,setting up a local data transfer network is quick and cost effective.Your wireless network is dependent and free of operator services.The cost of operation is either free of charge or fixed,depending on the frequency used.
U202 radio modems provide reliable,real-time data communications over distances ranging from tens or hundreds of meters up to around 20 kilometers.
U202 radio modem networks are flexible,easy to expand and can cover a wide variety of solutions from simple point-to-point connections to large networks comprising hundreds of modems.Even for expanded networks,only one operating frequency is required.
Heavy-duty tool for outdoor use
U202 is an IP67 classified UHF radio modem with a high power(35W)transmitter,wide 60 MHz tuning range (410-470 MHz) in one hardware and selectable channel spacing.
U202 is particularly well suited for mobile field applications(land surveying,for instance) under varying weather conditions. Due to the high transmitting power,connection distances more than 20 kilometers can be covered in favorable conditions.
Whit the digital tube and LED the user can monitor the current operating status (channel number) as well as condition (power level) of the radio modem.
Dependable data transfer
In U202,the error rate is minimized by means of advance checking and correction of the data packets.In Forward Error Correction(FEC),the data packets are split in several blocks.The radio modem adds correction information inside the blocks during transmission.