Digital Hammer Test SGS HT225E

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Digital Hammer Test SGS HT225-E. The instrument is popularly used for quality Inspection Company making supervisory monitoring, random monitoring ,on-the-spot testing, and also used for sampling and laboratory center. No need to manual calculation. Machine automatically compute and show result


HT225E Integrated Voice Digital Test Hammer

1. Designed by Jewel company with completely independent intellectual property rights.

2 One-piece structure design; No need to connect any wiring; Convenient to carry; low breakdown rate.

3. The test hammer adopt to true color LCD display screen. (resolution ratio176*220). Easy to operate and make your work efficient.

4. The voice function let testing personnel not see the value and improve test efficiency.

5. Test hammer adopt to Non-contact metal reflection grating sensor avoiding physical deterioration and poor contact defect. It improves accuracy and use time. Meanwhile, maintain the mechanical pointer scale.  

6. External infrared transmission portable printers can make the test report on-the-spot right now.

7. Great capacity data storage. It can store the most 200 standard elements. One element can test 99 test areas completely meeting the need of the actual detection work.

8.The test hammer set Internal uniform curve. Customer can add up to 20 test curves.

9. Measuring area parameters can record on-the-spot and automatic compute component results.

10. The software can set rebound value from upper limit to lower limit, and the abnormal date will be deleted automatically

11. USB interface, easy to connect with PC. No need to install any drive program.

12. Calendar and clock function can automatic record each component testing date and time.

13. Advanced low power consumption power management function can install screen backlight, voice volume, auto Sleep, auto power shut off to improve battery life.



data-processing system base on JGJ/T23-2011

standard impact energy2.207J

rigidity of tension spring785N/M

stroke of rebound hammer: 75mm

average rebound hammer on steel anvil Rm:80±2

error range for digital displayer≤±0.5the difference between displayer and scale

Screen16bit true color176*220resolution5 classes back light choose

Storage:255*100*16=408000 test points customer can add up to 20 test curves

Power source3.7V/1500mAH rechargeable Li battery.

 Power consumptionlargest back light≈100mA(voice shut down)

connect interfaceUSB2.0