Detector Scanner 120

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Detector Scanner 120 PROF metal, wire and wood detector is intended for detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, live wires and wood structures in walls through electric signal.

It has very simple and user friendly control. The light and sound alarm signals about detection: metal, wood and wires are indicated with red color and free areas are indicated with green light. You can switch off the sound alarm if you wish. The detector has automatic calibration in all modes. The results are clearly displayed on big digital screen. Shock-proof version is available: rugged case and tread contour plates

Localizador de metales

Depth of the magnetic metal detection 120 mm
Depth of the non-magnetic metal detection 80 mm
Depth of the live wires detection 50 mm
Depth of wood detection 38 mm
Auto-shutdown 5 min
Operational temperatures -10 … +50°С
Storage temperature -20 … +70°С
Batteries/voltage, Qty x Type/V 9-V alkaline battery
Run time 6 hours
Weight 0.27 kg