S1 External Radio Kolida

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S1 External Radio Models:S1 More Affordableand Easy-to-use Data Transfer Solution.

S1 External Radio Models:

S1 More Affordableand Easy-to-use Data Transfer Solution.

S1 External Radio


More Affordable and Easy-to-use Data Transfer Solution.

12 km

signal covering distance


Air Baud Rate

Mobile APP

Easy Operation


Proof Level


For Easy Mobile Use in Demanding Field Conditions


S1, a new work of Kolida GNSS, is specially designed to achieve large amount data transmission with all satellite systems signal utilized, and to help you to work faster, work more efficient and more cost effective.



Improved Data Transmission Capability


  • With a 25W transmitter, the connection distance of 12 km can be covered in favourable conditions. 


  • With 19200/ 38400 air baud rate, the correction data amount we send from base to rover is larger and the positioning result is more accurate.



Less Trouble, Easy to Use


  • User is able to configure the radio parameters via mobile app or key buttons directly, no need of PC and cable.


  • LCD screen is available on S1, to show operation status includes frequency/ channel/ power/ voltage in real time.


Born to be Reliable 

  • There are 21 pieces of heat sinks integrated with machine body, increase the heat dissipation surface and speed up the cooling. 

  • 16 radio channels to choose, minimize the signal conflict with other surveying teams.

  • Casing and connector of S1 are water/ dust proof IP67 level.



Power 10W or 25W selectable


South (Kolida), Trimtalk

Frequency 410-470MHz
Interval 12.5 or 25 KHz Air Baud Rate 9600/ 19200/ 38400









Display  1.54 inches LCD

Key Button  4 buttons
Indicator  2 indicator light
Channels 16









Port   5-Pin LEMO external power port and RS232

Bluetooth  V4.0
Connector  TNC connector








Operation Temperature -40 80℃

Storage Temperature -40 - 85℃ Size & Weight 165x 135 mm, 2.3 kgs
Water/ Dust Proof  IP 67

Shock Proof 1m