Multi Line Laser YL 514

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Láser multilínea SGS YL 514, proyecta 4 líneas verticales, una línea horizontal y 4 verticales. Cruz láser a techo y pared. Alarma de autonivelación, visual y audible cuando está fuera del nivel 360 giratorio y también de nivel fino ajustable. La base nivelante es de nivel fino ajustable Se puede conectar con el trípode o el trípode elevador mediante una rosca de 5/8 ″



*Magnetic damping compensator to ensure more quick self-leveling time.
*Bright and high visible laser beams with 10mw or 15mw laser diode
*If the unit exceed the self-leveling range, the laser line will be shut off with warning signal.
*The unit will emit one horizontal , 4 vertical line with plumb dot, the 4 vertical line will be acrossed
  on the ceiling at 90º.
*With Indoors/Outdoors switch function ,laser datector can be used for outdoors operation.
*Built-in locking system to lock the compensator when in transportation to avoid vibration.
*Charge connector fuction
*Main unit can rotate 360° on the base with 1° scale instruction

Specification:                                                                                                          ●Laser Source:  10mw laser diode                                                                       ●Laser fan angled≥130°●Laser safey class:  Class II●Horizontal Accuracy:  ±1mm/10m●Vertical Accuracy:  ±1mm/10m●Down piont Accuracy:  ±0.5mm/0.5m●Top Accuracy:  Leveling ±1mm/3m●Self-leveling range:  ±4°●Self-leveling time:  ≤5 "●Operating Arrange:15m
●Operating Arrange with detector:30m
●Power supply:  3xAA size alkaline batteries
●Operation time:  >10 hours
●Unit dimension:ϕ145x185mm
●Weight:  1.1kg