Digital Hammer Test HT225-W Plus

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Digital Hammer Test HT225-W Plus, Consistent with GB/T9138-1988 standards and JJG817-93 statutes and JGJ/T23-2001 technical regulations. This product is suitable for supervision of the company, quality supervision on-site sampling tests, as well as testing centers. On-site automatically assessment results and print, without manual calculation


HT225-W+ Integrated Voice Digital Test Hammer


1. The host and sensor integration design, easy to operate and efficient.(Market products are detached)
2. High-resolution LCD color screen 176*220(Market products are black and white and low-resolution)
3. Power source is 4 pcs of AA alkaline batteries)
4. Non-contact metal reflection grating + reflective encoder sensing, high accuracy (Market products for ordinary transmission-type grating -optocoupler sensor)
5. Voice reported, LCD and scale readings are triple guarantee the accuracy of the data. Field work without electricity and still can get the measured results through using the scale readings. Voice reported can improve the efficiency of work at special environment. (Peer-products in the market have no voice and ruler functions.)
6. Using USB communication interface, then quickly export the computer component data (market products for the RS232 interface)
7. Easy to operate, the software set the upper and lower rebound values, the outliers can be automatically removed.
8. Test hammer using imported parts, mechanical parts machining high precision, long service life. Superior price than the market peer-products.



data-processing system base on JGJ/T23-2011

standard impact energy2.207J

rigidity of tension spring785N/M

stroke of rebound hammer: 75mm

average rebound hammer on steel anvil Rm:80±2

error range for digital displayer≤±0.5the difference between displayer and scale

Screen16bit true color176*220resolution5 classes back light choose

Storage:255*100*16=408000 test points customer can add up to 20 test curves

Power source3.7V/1500mAH rechargeable Li battery.

 Power consumptionlargest back light≈100mA(voice shut down)

connect interfaceUSB2.0