SkyWalker X63

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SkyWalker X63, SkyWalker X63 puede cargar varias cargas útiles: cámara DSLR, receptor RTK / PPK en el aire, cámara de 2 lentes, sistema de cámara integrado de 5 lentes, escáner láser 3D, transmisor de video inalámbrico digital, cámara de imágenes hiperespectral, cámara de imágenes infrarroja, cámara de imágenes infrarroja, etc. están dedicados a proporcionar varios productos (ortomosaico, DOM, DSM, DEM, TDOM, DLG, modelo 3D de líneas de contorno, etc.) para los usuarios.

SkyWalker X63
SkyWalker X63


More Payloads

 Airborne LiDAR System 
(for agriculture; topographics; electricity; forestry; land management; immediate response; disaster analysis, etc.)


Integrated Multi-lens Camera System 
(for 3D cartography; manufacturing; architecture, engineering & construction; defense, intelligence & homeland security; media, entertainment & e-commerce; resources & energy; cultural heritage; scientific analysis, geology & forensics; immediate response, disaster relief & analysis)


Infrared Thermal Imager 
(for night-vision tracing; rescue operation; power line inspection; environmental protection; agriculture; farming; fishing; forestry, etc.)


Hyperspectral Imaging Camera 
(for vegetation research; farming; forestry; geology; environment; hydrology; bathymetry, etc.)


Digital Wireless Video Transmitter 
(for remote command; traffic control; immediate response; emergency relief; live broadcasting, etc.)


Ultrahigh Resolution (100MP) Camera 
(the forefront of aerial photography for the ultimate image quality, top solution for aerial mapping)