Clinometro HaglofC I

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Clinometro elettronico CM-HEC-I: piccolo, preciso e robusto.
  • Misura inclinazioni in gradi DEG
  • Il display visualizza rapidamente i dati corretti
  • Elimina gli errori di stima
  • Di facile impiego, viene fornito con una guida rapida inclusa
  • Elettronica a basso consumo di batterie
  • strumento preciso e affidabile

    Caratteristiche tecniche:
    Dimensioni 20x63x44mm
    Consumo 30m W
    Max Angolo -85 deg /+85 deg
    Precisione angolo ± 0,2deg
    Risoluzione angolo 0,1 deg
    Batteria 1 x AA 1,5V
    Peso 50 g. incl batteria .

    The Haglof C I Slope Measurer is an easy to use and accurate field instrument to measure slopes and vertical angles. The C I becomes your reliable work companion that always offers accurate measuring results, without calibration or maintenance. Great value for a small price!

    Tore_CI_150x250The new blue C I Slope Measurer is ideal for foresters, geologists, in construction and building, for planning work, golf course maintenance, parks and recreation areas, ski slopes... and much more.

    The C I uses one AA battery that is removed by sliding open the battery lid. The battery consumption is low and a battery often lasts for several months. To use, simply aim at the angle, push the button and read the results. The C I is factory set with results in degrees or percentage.